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Leaf Collection Has Begun


Ends Approximately:  November 23rd

Leaf collection will run Mondays through Thursdays. Collection will begin on the following Monday where it left off the previous week. With more than 60 miles of roads, and inclement weather, it may not be possible for your leaves to be collected every week.

 Leaves must be raked into a row parallel with the blacktop.

  • Leaves must be raked away from mailboxes, poles, cars and other obstructions.
  • Twigs and branches must be kept out of leaf piles as they clog the machine.
  • Be careful not to rake up stones, they are hard on the leaf machine.
  • Absolutely NO pet waste!
  • Leaves must not be raked within 50 ft. of a stop sign, this creates a dangerous situation.

 Unless absolutely necessary, it is preferable that your leaves not be collected into trash bags and left by the roadside. Proper return/disposal of the bags is time consuming and trash bags are frequently passed by assuming they are garbage.

 If your leaves are not being collected, it may be because one of the above items are not being followed.