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Winter Weather Advisory

Here are some things we can all do to help keep winter-weather problems to a minimum:

  • Check your mailbox to make sure it is ready for winter. Snow is very heavy when coming off the plow.  The force of the snow hitting your mailbox can easily damage the mailbox if not secured properly.  Over time, posts can decompose or screws and bolts become loose.  Spend a few minutes now to repair your mailbox instead of doing it this winter when it is cold and snow is on the ground. If your mailbox is located within the limits of the legal right-of-way, any damages caused by snow or ice are the responsibility of the property owner.
  • You may want to consider the use of reflective tape or other material to make your mailbox easier to see during storms or during dark hours. The use of reflective flexi-posts around the edge of your yard can help guide snowplows keeping them off of the grass.
  • When clearing snow from your driveway clear an area to the right of your driveway (see diagram), this will allow the snow to “unload” from the plow before reaching your driveway. This will help minimize the amount of snow you get in the bottom of your driveway after you finish clearing it.
  • When clearing your driveway, do not shovel or blow the snow onto the road. This creates a dangerous icy patch on the road that is very difficult to remove.
  • Please keep items off the roadway. Basketball hoops are not meant to be on the roadway.  If a plow truck encounters a basketball hoop, they will need to go around which does not allow them to remove the snow, cinder or salt the roadway.  This could result in icy situations later. Also, be sure to remove all trash cans as soon as possible. The Township is not responsible for damage to items within the road right-of-way.
  • During snow events, please do not park on Township roads or in cul-de-sacs. Snow is very heavy when being pushed by a plow.  If your car is parked on the road it is possible for snow or other debris being moved by the plow to damage your vehicle.

Please be patient.  We work as fast as we can to make the roads passable.