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Supervisor Witter Update

Posted on: October 28th, 2014

The Township has received numerous phone calls and visits from concerned residents regarding the status of Supervisor, Paul Witter following a hunting accident on Saturday. We have received the following statement from Paul’s wife, Pam, that we would like to pass on:

The prayers, love, and support shown to me and my family during this time have been amazing. We are so grateful to all of you as this has held us up during this difficult time. Paul Witter is the strongest man I know. He was within a couple of inches of losing his life. The Lord chose to let him with us longer. Thank you Lord!! Paul held pressure to his wound as he drove the gator back to the house after his accident. He told me that he did what his friend and coworker Doug Shields had taught him. He called 911 himself and shared jokes with the medical team as they cared for him. He has, so far, not been too upset by the damage that the helicopter caused in his wheat field Larry Hinkle. Larry helped to keep me calm and explain things to me as the medical team worked on Paul. Paul has now been through his second surgery. They were able to put in a plate, screws and antibacterial cement to hold things in place for now. Paul has been moved from ICU and is in a regular room. He is in great spirits and doing better than we ever anticipated. Praise the Lord!! Paul has said many times that he feels those prayers lifting him up. We all do, so we would appreciate more as Paul still has a long road to recovery.

Posted on: October 27th, 2014
Leaf Collection has begun in Southampton Township. Please use caution and reduce speed when you come upon our equipment and crew on the roads.

Leaf Collection has begun in Southampton Township. Please use caution and reduce speed when you come upon our truck and crew on the roads.

There is no October Planning Commission Meeting

Posted on: October 21st, 2014

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