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Septic Tanks

Septic Pumping Zones In an attempt to protect Pennsylvania’s groundwater, Pennsylvania enacted Act 537. The Act requires the planning and regulation of community sewage systems and individual sewage systems; requiring municipalities to submit plans for systems in their jurisdiction.

In compliance, Southampton Township adopted Ordinance 2003-02 which broke the township down into three sections (See map below). Each of these sections is to be pumped – one zone per year on a three-year rotation.

The ordinance basically states; any person owning a building served by an on-lot sewage disposal system shall have the septic tank pumped by a licensed pumper/hauler every three years following schedule below. To see what zone you are located in, please click on the Septic Map below:

Pumping Zone Schedule

Zone 1 – 2015

Zone 2 – 2016

Zone 3 – 2017

The cycle will then repeat.